Bib Trousers Multi Hazard+

Bib Trousers Multi Hazard+

Our multi norm overall, Multi Hazard +, is designed for you that requires maximum protection in your work. The overall protects against Chemicals, sparks, arc, and weather and wind. In addition, it lives up to EN 20471 Class 1, so you can carry them on construction sites and other where the norm is required. The overall has thigh pockets, back pockets and front pockets. In addition, we have put elastic in the lower back and a pocket on the chest. The overall can be used with Multi Hazard + Pilot Jacket or Parkaen.

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Product description

Overall for the demanding work, it provides full protection against welding sparks, arcs, chemicals, rain and wind, it is breathable and lives up to EN 20471 class 2. The overall has 2 rear pockets, two side pockets, adjustable knee pockets, thigh- and thumb pocket as well as bent knees for optimal comfort.


Product information


  •  Chest pocket
  • Front pockets
  • Back pockets
  • Knee pockets
  • Thigh pocket
  •  Elastic waistband
  • Windproof


  • Adjustable Fix-Lock® braces
  • Loxy® Reflex



Here you can find our  Declaration of Conformity for Multi Hazard +

EN 343

The regulation that helps you to identify the work clothes that are waterproof and breathable

This garment complies with EN 343.
This regulation helps you finding the most appropriate waterproof workwear. There are three classes within the standard, and the quality of the Viking Rubber Co. waterproof workwear places our products in the highest class, in addition to providing it with other valuable features.

En iso 20471

Are you safe in the traffic?

Do you know what your needs are regarding safety clothing? You are welcome to ask us what requirements you must meet if, for example, you work on a road where the speed limit is 60 km / h. You can ask us about EN ISO 20471 and what makes a garment live up to this regulation or not. For example, we can inform you about how much reflective area your clothes should have to meet safety requirements.

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