Softshell jacket EVO35

Softshell jacket EVO35

For the colder days autumn, or for spring, a good softshell jacket is essential. We’ve developed this EVO35 softshell jacket in F119 fabric. That means that the jacket has high breathability and durability. The jacket has a very good fitting with shaped sleeves. The elbows are of course reinforced with Cordura®. Get information on the product here.

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Product description

The EVO35 series is designed for craftsmen and businesses who want the best comfort and safety in everyday life. We have focused on the details and on making the product smart – not only to look at, but to walk around with. The Softshell jacket is developed in F119 which is a fabric that is extremely strong, breathable and waterproof. Seaming is designed to make the water slip immediately off the garment. The jacket has ventilation under the arms and water-repellent zippers.


Product information


  • Adjustable hood
  • Shaped adjustable sleeves
  • Chest pockets
  • Front pockets
  • Back pocket
  • Inside pockets with penholder
  • Water repellent zippers
  • Elastic at the bottom
  • Ventilation under the arms


  • Cordura® reinforcement on elbows
  • Water repellent
  • Windproof
  • Reflex effect

Choose the best workwear

Our 7 tips to find the right work clothes.

It would be understandable if had doubts about whether you are wearing the right work clothes, especially with the huge variety of products available in stores. It can help you to consult our 7 tips to find the right work clothes.
1. Is my team happy with their work clothes?
Our garments have been tested and developed for those who demand the exact fit, to work more efficiently, without discomfort and distractions caused by clothing. You can check with your dealer what options you have to try on clothes before deciding to ensure the fit and comfort you are looking for.
2. Do we need different types of clothes?
We offer variety, for example, our Multi Hazard Textile collection, perfect for welders or EVOBASE, for workers for example warehouse.
3. How often do your workers need new work clothes?
You should know the durability of your work clothes. and estimate the economic cost involved, since perhaps the poor quality of your workwear is costing you too much.
4. Is the fear of change what stop you from improving?
The ideal is to combine the economy vision, the durability of the clothes and their appearance. Talking to your employees and partnering with a distributor you can choose better.
5. How do I know if this is right for us?
It may be to try clothes with an employee who has the confidence to speak clearly of what he needs and what is missing. If you agree, you must return with that feedback to the distributor and say exactly what your needs are. We recommend you go to our distributors to find out what they can offer you.
6. Should you consider Corporate Social Responsibility?
At Vikin Rubber we believe that there are limits on what is morally justifiable to obtain cheap clothes, so we take care of all Vikings who work with us. If you agree with us, we invite you to consider buying clothes that, like ours, apart from high quality are produced by employees who work in decent conditions.
7. To what can I aspire to?
Consider the following to choose the right clothes for your employees:
OUTSIDE: Materials such as Gore-tex or F120, guarantee quality, durability and impermeability. Breathability is also important.
INSIDE: It is essential to consider the durability of clothing, especially in jobs where garments rub against rough surfaces. The dealer can help decide how resistant your garments should be.

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